What are Irrigation Design Services?

Irrigation design services prioritize planning and precision in every aspect, including the placement of sprinkler heads, water lines and other essential componets to your irrigation system. Our designers create detailed drawings that account for terrain variations, plant types, and water flow requirements. By strategically placing sprinkler heads and water lines, we ensure uniform coverage and efficient water distribution, minimizing wastage and optimizing irrigation effectiveness. Whether it’s residential or commercial projects, our design process integrates client preferences and site-specific conditions to deliver solutions that exceed expectations. Trust Compass Co. for our expertise in irrigation design.

Our Design Process


Determine Landscape

Defining your landscape is key to creating an optimized irrigation system for your home or business. Ensuring proper elevation heights, gardens, home/business placement helps up determine proper placement for sprinkler heads and water lines..


Testing Lawn

Testing your lawn helps us create a plan for amount of water needed, type of soil present, and so much more. With this testing in mind we can add more or less water to select locations on your lawn to deliver a customized irrigation plan for your lawn.


Designing your Plan

With the testing done and all information collected we will create a customized irrigation plan for your property that will help your property thrive for the years to come. Trust Compass Co with your next Irrigation Design project.

Start your design today!

Start your Design Today!