Lawn Sprinkler Systems in Duluth, MN

In today’s fast-paced society, who really has the time to tend to their outdoor spaces? A trusted irrigation company understands the importance of maintaining a flourishing landscape. Whether you dream of cultivating a plentiful garden or achieving a green lawn, navigation is essential. At Compass Co, we offer swift design/installation of lawn irrigation systems, ensuring your landscape receives customized care. Say goodbye to the hassle dragging a hose and constant repositioning. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing system or require maintenance, Compass Co. is here for you.

Reasons to have an Automatic Sprinkler System

Save Time – Automatic Sprinkler system will water your yard for you.

Save Water – Less water usage compared to traditional methods

Save Money – Less water usage means reduction in water utility bill.

Improve your day-to-day activities without having to worry about your yard turning brown. Trust Compass Co with your next installation.

Our Sprinkler Services


  • System Diagnostics
  • Proper Spray Pattern
  • Repair Report Provided

Spring Start Ups

  • Turn on Water
  • Engage controller
  • Program Water Cycle
  • Prime Water Lines


  • Broken Sprinkler Head
  • Cut Sprinkler Line
  • Leaking Pipe/Fitting
  • Controller Malfunction

Backflow Test

  • Pressure Testing
  • Flow Testing
  • Certification and Documentation

Sprinkler Installation 

  • Design Irrigation Plan
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Testing and Showcase Sprinkler System


  • Turn off water
  • Unplug controller
  • Remove Battery
  • Blow water lines


  • Water Cycle Evaluation
  • Annual Evaluations
  • Keeps your system running smoothly