Irrigation Inspection/Service

Compass Co. has been inspecting and servicing irrigation systems in and around Duluth, MN for years. These ispections are critical to keeping your lawn, flowers, and trees in healthy condition. With an ever so changing ecosystem it is crucial you get your seasonal inspections to keep your irrigation investment running at its peak performance.
If you are looking to upgrade your existing irrigation system or getting a new system installed trust Compass Co. to get your investment running at peak performance.
  • Inspect and Adjust Zones and Heads for proper system function.
  • Inspect and Adjust based on Shrub Growth/Weather conditions.
  • Check zones for proper pressure.
  • Pressure Test Zone Valves
  • Pressure Test Main Lines
  • Clean/Replace Filter (well water supply systems)
  • Any repairs found during the inspection will be added to a repair calculator and discussed with owner/manager.

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